Excuses on top of excuses. Being busy, pregnant, and…normal!

So, I started to blog last spring and got swept up in a whirlwind of events just a few short months later, all which lead to me telling myself I’d get back to this blogging deal…some time. I’m super great at procrastinating until the guilt fades away. Here’s a breakdown on what’s been going on for Rhonda Elm Photography & just plain ol’ Rhonda since March 2012.

  • April 2012 – We were SO busy! High school seniors came calling and man did I love it! We were shooting every weekend and I thought, “Man! I’m way too busy to blog!”
  • May – We had a houseguest for the entire month, we were STILL going strong with last minute senior sessions, my oldest sister got MARRIED!, and the day before her wedding I found out I wasn’t grumpy/exhausted/constantly nauseous because I was doing too much, it was ’cause I was PREGNANT! Eek! (SURPRISE!) AND THEN! Because that wasn’t enough excitement, we moved just a few towns over to a home with a room I get to call my studio space! ❤
  • June thru August – WHY DID NO ONE EVER TELL ME HOW HARD IT IS TO ADJUST TO HAVING KIDS AROUND ALL THE TIME DURING SUMMER VACATION?! I feel like I finally got the hang of things like a week before he went back to school.
  • September thru December – This is when some aspects of my life were purposefully slowed down (WORK!) and other aspects went into serious overdrive like the kids’ extracurriculars, violin & ballet! And hordes and hordes of doctors appointments for myself (Someone decided my pregnancy was high risk?! Everything was fine!) And my poor oldest, Noah, was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis. (The coughing never ends!)

AND FINALLY, on December 31st, at 36 weeks, my family welcomed a little brother, Benjamin. He’s been a wonderful addition to our daily lives  and (so far) has been a breeze to take care of. While I was pregnant, people often told me that “3 kids is a whole different ball game” but I must say I’d rather have 3 kids than have 2 kids and be pregnant! As my daughter declared only seconds into her first visit with me in the hospital “Now mommy can be normal again!”


Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things very soon! 🙂


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